Masonic Symbols – The Symbolism of Freemasonry & Its Reference to Lucifer

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There is often much discussion about the symbols that are utilized in Freemasonry. Some non-Freemasons or those that feel that they are a cult suggest that their symbols are synchronized with devil worship.

The Blazing Star is considered by the Freemasons as one of their ornaments. The anti Freemasons have a different view on it. They base their theory on the Bible scripture Isaiah 14:12. Which is believed to be the “false dawn” referring to Lucifer. This being the Christian belief then it must mean that the Freemasons are involved in Satanism because of the Blazing Star they utilize as one of their symbols.

The interpretation of Isaiah 14:12 has a different meaning according to the Freemasons. Their interpretation is quite complex but is basically like this…This Biblical chapter relates to prophesy which the entire book of Isaiah does. In chapter 14 it contains a prophesy regarding the Kings of Babylon centering specifically on Nebuchadnezzar. The Freemasons explain that this particular King thought himself about mankind as a celestial body, but when Babylon is destroyed, Nebuchadnezzar will find himself as simply mortal. The scripture is often referred to in the Hebrew language. The word heyleyl translated means daystar and refers to the planet Venus. Being a book of prophesy it can be complex to understand.

Vulgate translation:

Hebrew = “daystar” = Lucifer (Venus was classed as the morning star and in Ancient times referred to as Lucifer.
Christian translation = Lucifer = Satan
Latin translations = Lucifer = Light bearing

Hebrew: day-star=heyleyl = planet Venus

The planet Venus could be seen during both the day and the evening. The Greeks and the Romans had set names for it when it appeared in the morning and set names for it when it appeared in the evening.

In the morning…
Greeks = Phosphorus
Romans = Lucifer

In the evening
Greeks = Hesperus
Romans = Venus

From Hebrew to Greek into Latin would translate it to Lucifer. The argument that the Freemasons offer is that the term “Lucifer” in reference to Satan or the devil never existed further back than the middle ages and it became a common term for the devil because of a poem called “Paradise Lost.

So where does all of this fit in with the concept of the Blazing Star as the Freemasons see it. They will refer to the Minnesota Masonic Manual. Apparently, this manual is one of the teaching aids they use at their lectures. This Manual is said to depict the Blazing star as a symbol of the Star of Bethlehem and has nothing to do with the Planet Venus.

In addition to this, they stipulate than the reference to this only lasts about thirty seconds yet the specific lecture is about 30 minutes. Mind you, it is pointed out that it depends on what jurisdiction this is taking place in. This lecture takes place in the first degree of the Masonry program.

In summary, the Freemasons stipulate that the misconception of them being devil worshippers is a misconstrued interpretation of the Bible taken out of context. Christianity’s stance is that the chapter we have just discussed is in direct reference to Lucifer. They have based their opinion on a parallel in the Gospel of St Luke. Jesus talks about Satan falling like lightning from heaven. Therefore, in Christian terms this is translated as the “Day Star” in Isaiah. It must be remembered there are many parallels in the New Testament referring back to the Old Testament. This very complex subject needs to be relied on in accordance to Biblical scholars.